Swim Bike Run & CycleYOU

November 19, 2014

5ca9b5_05a40bd72e7948d694910e391609fc1a.png_srz_p_300_232_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Swim Bike Run of Kentucky is a Multisport Speed and Performance Training and Retail Center. Their focus is to help swimmers, cyclists or runners who want to learn or is already great get better.

Dr. Mike is a fan of Swim Bike Run of Kentucky as well as their new cycling studio, CycleYOU. According to Dr. Mike, “Since opening their store, Swim Bike Run, Sam and Noelle Dick have continued to expand on what they offer Central Kentucky athletes with new and better ways to improve speed and fitness. The newest class is CycleYOU, which is a one of a kind total body workout that will leave you feeling inspired and exhausted. The classes are fun and fill up fast. Sam and Noelle have recently expanded the store as well, offering a larger TRX and yoga room. So whether you’re a novice or seasoned athlete looking for a new set of running shoes or a world class bike fit, this unique store has something for you”

Here’s what owner Noelle Dick has to say about their recent opening of the CycleYOU studio, “CycleYOU is a total body, inspirational workout on a bike set to great music. The CycleYOU studio will be your oasis. CycleYOU will inspire you to be your best, it will make you sweat, it will make you rock on and tune out and zone in, it will make you burn fat, tone your arms and work your core. CycleYOU group cycling is as much about clearing the obstacles of your mind as much as your body. Each class will create a place inside you where you thrive, where you exceed your expectations, where you beat every challenge. When was the last time you were challenged? Inspired? Tuned into YOU?  CycleYOU instructors believe in bringing you along on a journey of empowerment. We aren’t here to break you down we are here to build you up. We teach joy in movement, happiness in pushing yourself to your limits, knowing you are leaving our class stronger of body and mind than when you started. CycleYOU is about riding hard, rocking out and tapping into your inner strength.”

For more information on Swim Bike Run of Kentucky and CycleYOU please check out their websites: http://www.swimbikerunky.com/ and  http://www.cycleyoulexington.com/