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Bennett P.


I was referred to Dr. Michael Sullivan by Dr. Trevor Wilkes at the Lexington Clinic Sports Medicine Center. He told me Mike Sullivan was the best soft tissue chiropractic therapist in Lexington. After a year of shoulder treatment I can testify to Mikes professionalism, good humor and my positive results. I am much improved. Bennett Poage

Nicole Y.


I was a bit skeptical about chiropractic treatment due to past experiences and uncertain what treatment option to choose–if any. During my first visit, Dr. Sullivan patiently listened to my back pain episodes which prevented me from my favorite activity and hobby–running and also interfered with my daily life. I realized quickly Dr. Sullivan genuinely cared about my healing. I also knew I could discuss my safe return to running  with him since he is also an athlete. On Thanksgiving Day after 2-3 visits of Active Release Technique (ART) I felt “SO MUCH BETTER” and I was moving without thinking of the pain. I believe his treatment methods including ART are accelerating my healing and allowing me to function more fully. I am thankful I am under his care and I would definitely refer him to my family and friends.

Lisa O.


I am currently dealing with a shoulder issue. Dr. Mike’s active release therapy together with appropriate exercise has done more for relieving my symptoms than the work of two different physical therapists! Highly recommended!

Libby W.


I went to see Mike Sullivan for a pinched nerve in my back and left arm that was so painful I could hardly sleep at night. His soft tissue therapy worked wonders on me and now I am pain free. I would highly recommend him!

Judy J.


My arm was going numb all day long. The pain was unbearable. I went to my regular MD, they ordered x-rays and muscle relaxers. I suffered with no relief for 6 weeks. When I had enough, I made an appointment with Dr. Sullivan. After the 1st visit, I was pain free. My entire arm was still going numb all day but the pain was gone! After my 2nd visit, the severity and frequency of my numbing decreased almost immediately. My follow-up visit with my regular MD is today, I cannot wait to show him how much I have recovered and all it took was two visits to a good chiropractor! Thanks Dr. Sullivan!

Peggy R.


I was looking for an ART (Active Release Technique) practitioner in the region, and read about Sullivan Chiropractic in Lexington. I was delighted to find that appointments are easy to make. The office is easy to access off Man O’ War. Mike is on time, and extremely efficient with his chiropractic services. I was especially happy to learn that Mike is an instructor in ART because I am convinced that this therapy really works for healing injured parts of the body. I have had shoulder, back and hand issues for some time, and I am greatly improved under Mike’s expert care. I even surprise myself that I can relax enough for him to adjust my back on a first try. I cannot imagine working with another chiropractor after experiencing Mike Sullivan’s care.

Jenny A.


Dr. Sullivan is a very talent chiropractor. I highly recommend him!

Kim S.


Great Experience, Clean office with nice staff.

BettyLou J.


I have been seeing Dr. Mike Sullivan at Sullivan Chiropractic for a couple of years now mostly for my monthly tuneup. At times I have had specific areas that I would like him to pay special attention to and he always does a remarkable job at relieving the pain in that area. I don’t know what I would do without his assistance as I have rheumatoid arthritis and it flares up at times and causes me much pain. I am able to walk without a cane now and my right knee is no longer swollen since he worked on it a year and a half ago. I would definitely feel no hesitation in referring anyone to his office.

Rosie H.


I first saw Dr. Sullivan a year ago with hip pain from running, 5 weeks prior to my first half marathon. In the first visit he immediately relieved the pain, and with follow up visits and teaching me specific stretches for my hip I completed the race & recovered from it pain free. In fact I felt so good I went on to run another race 3 weeks later, neither of which I could have done without his expert help & treatment. I continue to go for monthly adjustments. Furthermore, I have taken my 2 year old daughter to see him about an ankle sprain and limited motion in her foot which he has been extremely helpful over. (And he put up with her Feng Shui ideas in his office!) I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone. The ART treatment, the fact that he himself is a top athlete and that he treats a wide variety of aches and pains sets him above any other chiropractor I have been treated by. Can’t thank you enough!

Christina C.


Fabulous experience!!!

Julie A.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Mike for over 5 years now and have never felt better. For years I suffered from horrible back pains that would have me laid up for days at a time. However once I began seeing Dr. Mike I had a marked improvement in my back. I have recommended him to several of my family, friends, and colleagues and they have all been as happy with their service as I’ve been.

Clinton B.


Dr Mike has been has been very effective in treating both myself and my wife.

Stephanie H.


Dr. Mike is awesome! He was accommodating to my travel schedule and made time to see me for an adjustment THANK YOU !!

Jack S.


I have been treated by several Chiropractors over the years and none have provided the expert care that Dr Mike gives. Pain free with a smile.

Jack S.


I have been treated by several Chiropractors over the years and none have provided the expert care that Dr Mike gives. Pain free with a smile.

Beverly P.


Dr Sullivan is an excellent doctor. Thorough, professional, and considerate. He listens to me and partners with me to provide the best care to help me heal quickly.

Steve G.


More than met my expectations. On time, quality informative adjustments. Highly recommend!!

Robert O.


I was having lower back problems for several years even after seeing a Chiropractor on a regular basis. Dr. Sullivan has been the only Dr. I have been to that has been able to help me truly feel better and get back to an active lifestyle.

Vicki G.


My experience at Dr. Sullivan has been very beneficial and helpful. Soft tissue release performed by Dr. Sullivan has eased and decreased my foot pain. I would like to thank him and Erin for being kind and professional.

Erin K.


Staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I feel like they care about me and are helping me to get back to my best. I appreciate the forward thinking and fitness mentality of Dr. Mike. I would recommend anyone who is interested in working hard and getting better quickly!

Andrea J.


Fought plantar fasciitis for almost 6 months before deciding to give Dr Sullivan a try, and I am so glad that I did. Just a few weeks and I am almost recovered entirely, just wish I hadn’t waited so long. Easy to get an appointment, easy location and never a wait. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Lee G.


Always wonderful. Dr. Mike can always pin point my pain when we talk about what’s bothering me, and not only helps by adjusting my spine and using ART on my tight muscles, but also by giving exercise and stretching advice to keep the pain away. By far the best adjustments and musculoskeletal treatment I’ve had (and I’ve tried several practitioners!)

Wanda A.


I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan. I have suffered with low back issues for a long time, and Dr. Sullivan is doing a great job of getting at the root cause and effectively bringing blessed relief.



Great trun out you know what you are doing






Mike helped me with my overuse injuries by ADJUSTMENTS and doing active release therapy. Was able to get back to training and finish IRONMAN CHATTANOOGA.



Very accommodating to fit my work schedule. Excellent service!!



I have received excellent personalized care each and every time I’ve gone to Sullivan’s. I’ve recommended to several friends and they also have been very pleased with the care and results!



We love Dr. Sullivan. He is amazing at helping with my jaw pain and lower back pain!



Dr. Mike is fantastic. I have been working with him for over three years and he has done wonders for my lower back issues and overall well being.



Great personal care…helping to relieve my pain,,.



My experience was excellent.

Erin G.


Fantastic Doctor!!!

Patrick K.


Mike is a talented doctor. After just a few sessions the pain in my should is now completely gone. Thank you!